Special Report https://www.sahilonline.net/en/special-report SahilOnline, Leading news portal from Coastal Karnataka, bringing you latest updates from the Coast, State, Nation and the World, in Kannada, Urdu and English. Special Report COVID-19 predominantly spreads through air, says Lancet study https://www.sahilonline.net/en/does-the-corona-virus-spread-through-the-air-sensational-revelation-in-the-report There is consistent, strong evidence to prove that the SARS-CoV-2 virus, behind the COVID-19 pandemic, is predominantly transmitted through the air, according to a new assessment published on Friday in The Lancet journal. PFI members involved in burial of Covid victims https://www.sahilonline.net/en/30-member-team-involved-in-burial-of-covid-victims 30 members of Popular Front of India (PFI) is making all efforts to offer a dignified burial to those who died of Coronavirus as per the health department guidelines. Full Story: How Bhatkalis ferried hundreds of stranded locals from UAE to India on chartered flight https://www.sahilonline.net/en/full-story-how-bhatkalis-ferried-hundreds-of-stranded-locals-from-uae-to-india-on-chartered-flight As the nightmare of Coronavirus unfolded across the globe and countries started shutting down transport and initiated a total lockdown, the whole world came to a standstill, something which has not happened in a hundred years or more. It was an unprecedented situation and no nation was prepared to tackle the challenges that started popping out one by one. Mood disorders, a major health issue https://www.sahilonline.net/en/mood-disordersa-major-health-issue-by-dr-siva-sivakantha-indiana-hospital-mangalore Mood disorders are the commonest mental health issues seen among the general public. Such patients are usually referred to primary care general medicine doctors, who treat them  and, if required, direct them to the psychiatry department. Among mood disorders the commonest are anxiety disorders and depression. Rheumatism: Early diagnosis is the key https://www.sahilonline.net/en/rheumatism-early-diagnosis-is-the-key-by-dr-arifa-haleema-indiana-hospital-mangalore Rheumatology is a super-specialty branch of medicine which deals with the connective tissues of the body like bones, joints, muscles, ligaments and so on. The Immediate Requirement for Heatstroke Treatments https://www.sahilonline.net/en/the-immediate-requirement-for-heatstroke-treatments The exposure of heat, paving the way to the deadly condition called heatstroke and has created a requirement for heatstroke treatments. Heatstroke can hence be defined as the quick rise in temperature leading to dreadful after effects. It may further lead to organ damage, major injury or even death, depending on the intensity of burns. Normally heatstroke occurs when the body is exposed to a temperature of 104 degrees or more. It can be diagnosed and cured if given proper and timely medical attention. Landslide scare in Madikeri: Residents move to safer areas https://www.sahilonline.net/en/landslide-scare-in-madikeri-residents-move-to-safer-areas With just weeks away for annual monsoon season to set in, residents are shifting to safer areas from areas vulnerable to landslide in the city.  Ignorant and Mischievous Lot Need to Read AMU’s History and Educate Themselves https://www.sahilonline.net/en/ignorant-and-mischievous-lot-need-to-read-amus-history-and-educate-themselves Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) continues to be an irritant in the eyes of anti-Muslim elements. Since India’s independence a coterie with its sick and jaundiced mentality has been working in finding excuses to defame this historic institution. They allege that this institution had created Pakistan and, therefore, the Government should take direct control of it. 2002 Gujarat riots: Judge P.B. Desai ignored evidence, says activist Harsh Mander https://www.sahilonline.net/en/2002-gujarat-riots-judge-pb-desai-ignored-evidence-says-activist-harsh-mander Special SIT court judge P.B. Desai "ignored evidence" that former Congress MP Ehsan Jafri, who was killed in a mob attack in Ahmedabad's Gulberg Housing Society during the 2002 riots, did all that was possible within his power to protect Muslims from the "rage of the mob" and instead echoed the position of then Chief Minister Narendra Modi that his killing was only a "reaction" to his "action" of shooting at the mob, says human rights activist Harsh Mander. Has BJP forgotten Paresh Mesta's 'mysterious' death as Assembly elections are over? https://www.sahilonline.net/en/has-bjp-forgotten-paresh-mestas-mysterious-death It has been more than nine months since the  mysterious death of a youth Paresh Mesta, but the CBI has failed to trace the culprits till now. The death had sparked violent protests during the Karnataka Assembly elections all over the Coastal Karnataka region. False terror charges against local youth inspires Bhatkal boy to become a lawyer https://www.sahilonline.net/en/false-terror-charges-against-local-youth-inspires-bhatkal-boy-to-become-a-lawyer Bhatkal has got another young man as a lawyer as Mr. Nehzan Ekkery s/o Abdul Azeez Ekkery successfully completed his studies and is poised to step into legal practise soon. Nehzan completed his studies at the School of Law in the prestigious Christ University, Bengaluru and was awarded the BA LLB degree in an official ceremony at his college on Sunday.  Uttar Pradesh: Ganna trumps Jinnah in this bypoll when sugarcane arrears pile up https://www.sahilonline.net/en/ganna-trumps-jinnah-in-uttar-pradesh Kairana constituency has six sugar mills: four private (the Shamli factory of Sir Shadi Lal Enterprises, Rana Sugars’ factory in Unn, Bajaj Hindusthan’s in Thana Bhawan and Uttam Sugar’s in Shermau) and two cooperative (in Sarsawa and Nanauta). The Indian Army Chief Crossed the Democratic Line of Control ... By M. Burhanuddin Qasmi https://www.sahilonline.net/en/the-indian-army-chief-crossed-the-democratic-line-of-control The cry for an abnormal Muslim population growth in Assam is a hoax. It is factually busted time and again but the political forces which find it suitable as polarization tool keep propping this issue as campaign material. An Army General should have avoided any public rhetoric on such politically heated issue. Each year, 6 lakh newborns die within 28 days of birth in India https://www.sahilonline.net/en/each-year-6-lakh-newborns-die-within-28-days-of-birth-in-india A quarter of global neonatal deaths happen in India where nearly 600,000 newborns die within 28 days of their birth every year, according to a new Unicef study. Love in the times of Fundamentalist Politics: Case of Hadiya https://www.sahilonline.net/en/love-in-the-times-of-fundamentalist-politics-case-of-hadiya The politics of communal polarization in is focusing on many identity issues, one being the Love Jihad, where the Hindu girl married to a Muslim or Christian man is targeted, and is legally manipulated in a manner to ensure that she is forced to be sent to her parents or sent to ‘anti Conversion clinics’. India's Media war https://www.sahilonline.net/en/indias-media-war-by-m-burhanuddin-qasmi An interesting war is going on between the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Indian National Congress on social media. This time the Congress seems to have learnt from the 2014 debacle and a sizable army is continuously firing on BJP from close range. The BJP's troll army is losing ground and getting serious injuries in both Twitter and Facebook fronts. Where are the sanctions against Myanmar? https://www.sahilonline.net/en/where-are-the-sanctions-against-myanmar-by-aijaz-zaka-syed BY announcing a token aid of $32 million to the Rohingya refugees, the US has at last acknowledged the deepening humanitarian catastrophe in Myanmar. Given the overwhelming nature of the crisis, this is like a drop in the ocean. Yet something is better than nothing Karwar may soon become second scuba diving destination of state https://www.sahilonline.net/en/karwar-may-soon-become-second-scuba-diving-destination-of-state Encouraged by the success of scuba diving in Netrani Islands near Murdeshwar, the Uttara Kannada district administration is mulling over opening yet another island for diving activities. The Devgad Islands, where the famous light house is located, will be the newest diving destination of Karnataka. "Don't​ exploit minorities for political benefits": Voice of Kumta Muslims https://www.sahilonline.net/en/dont-exploit-minorities-for-your-political-benefits-complete-voice-of-kumta-muslims In a recent violence of Kumta, a Muslim youth was beaten black and blue by a group of right wing activists who tried to disturb the peace and communal harmony of the city alleging that he showed shoes to the religious procession that was moving on the evening of 17th March in Kumta. Gujarat: Kin of terror accused were ostracised https://www.sahilonline.net/en/gujarat-kin-of-terror-accused-were-ostracised Mohammed Yasin’s family had a thriving business of carry-bag manufacturing at Popatiawad in Ahmedabad’s Dariapur. Around 30 women were employed at their manufacturing unit until 2003 when the arrest of Yasin’s brother, Hanif, on terror charges ruined the business. Battling for life in Riyadh, this Bhatkali man's hospital bill has crossed 1 crore Rs; help sought from MEA https://www.sahilonline.net/en/man-from-bhatkal-in-koma-admitted-in-riyadh-saudi-arabia-hospital-from-last-nine-months-help-sought-to-sushma-swaraj A Bhatkali man who is battling for his life at the Prince Mohammed bin Abdul Azeez hospital in Riyadh is facing another problem pertaining to his condition: the hospital bill and the lack of co-operation from his visa sponsor. An excuse from the public distress https://www.sahilonline.net/en/an-excuse-from-the-public-distress 8th November 2016, a day which is going to be marked in the history of our nation. Unclaimed animals on roads in Bhatkal and the silence of Gawrakshaks https://www.sahilonline.net/en/bhatkal-wandering-animals-thieves-and-gau-rakshaks Bhatkal: The stray animals on the streets of Bhatkal are increasing at an alarming rate creating havoc for the public, but there is not a single body which is concerned about controlling them. Uttara Kannada: Massive preparations underway for Assembly elections-2018 https://www.sahilonline.net/en/uttara-kannada-karwar-current-members-starts-efforts-to-get-assembly-tickets-for-the-upcoming-election Karwar: Hectic political activity is underway in Uttara Kannada to obtain the election tickets for the Assembly elections 2018. Operation Shuddhikaran: Expose land RSS organisations in the dock on conversions https://www.sahilonline.net/en/operation-shuddhikaran-expose-land-rss-organisations-in-the-dock-on-conversions Although it did not make headlines, 31 poor tribal girls, all minors, from Assam brought to Delhi on June 11 last year have ended up in RSS-run schools in Gujarat and Punjab, as Cobrapost finds, which is part of a well-orchestrated conversion programme targeting children from poor minority communities to initiate them into Hinduism at a young age. Given the resources and reach the RSS and its sister organizations command, what Cobrapost investigation reveals may just be the tip of the iceberg Bhatkali youth released after being wrongly accused of being an ISIS terrorist https://www.sahilonline.net/en/bhatkali-youth-released-after-being-wrongly-accused-of-being-an-isis-terrorist Bhatkali youth released after being wrongly accused of being an ISIS terrorist Beedi Causes Gastric Cancer: Study https://www.sahilonline.net/en/beedi-causes-gastric-cancer-study Beedi Causes Gastric Cancer: Study