Public Voice SahilOnline, Leading news portal from Coastal Karnataka, bringing you latest updates from the Coast, State, Nation and the World, in Kannada, Urdu and English. Public Voice It was the time of hopelessness but God is the greatest. It was a normal day (despite the lockdown out there in our zone in the name of covid-19 hotspot town) but my life changed in more than so many ways on that day. I guess it was around 9 o'clock at night I heard an outcry of my daughter, 6yrs old. She had slipped of a small table, lying helplessly on the floor with multiple elbow fractures. It was an extremely difficult time. It is not something you ever want to see your child go through. Model & Photographer Adhiraj shares his days in complete Lockdown An Idle Mind is the devil's workshop - Remember the popular proverb we learnt when we were in school. My father had a strange habit of quoting proverbs to me when I was in school. Little did I understand why he kept saying proverbs to me … I misinterpreted it thinking maybe he just likes saying proverbs! But at this juncture I realise ... the things he used to tell me often crosses my mind … it had so much inner meaning! Can UGD be a mojor cause of worry for Bhatkal residents in near future? Imran Lanka, a well known advocate of Bhatkal and an active member of Jali Pattan Panchayat has submitted a letter to Bhatkal's biggest social orgnisation, Majlis-e-Islah wo Tanzeem in which he has raised his voice about the negative effects of UGD caused in Bhatkal. "Why Indian Muslims are making wrong investment choices?" Islamic Finance professional SM Abud Asif explains A series of investment and financial frauds have hit the local Muslim community over the last couple of years in which people have lost huge amounts of hard-earned money. In this article, Bhatkal's emerging professional and expert in Islamic finance Mr. Abud Asif analyses the reasons behind the frauds and the road to take to build robust financial mechanisms. Is BJP serious about women safety? 3 recent rape cases raise questions In Yogi's UP, the father of a rape victim dies in police custody while the accused roams free Should India shift its approach towards Chinese aggression in 2018? A brief view on India's potential approach towards China's increasing economic and military dominance Martyr's daughter withdraws from campaign; College backs her DU student Gurmehar Kaur today withdrew from her social media campaign against the ABVP after allegedly receiving threats from the members of the RSS-backed outfit and being trolled by the ruling BJP leaders.