Islam SahilOnline, Leading news portal from Coastal Karnataka, bringing you latest updates from the Coast, State, Nation and the World, in Kannada, Urdu and English. Islam "Why Indian Muslims are making wrong investment choices?" Islamic Finance professional SM Abud Asif explains A series of investment and financial frauds have hit the local Muslim community over the last couple of years in which people have lost huge amounts of hard-earned money. In this article, Bhatkal's emerging professional and expert in Islamic finance Mr. Abud Asif analyses the reasons behind the frauds and the road to take to build robust financial mechanisms. Acclaimed Urdu book on the Prophet’s life translated into English Khutbat-e Madras (Madras Lectures) is an acclaimed Urdu book on the Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) life and teachings by the celebrated Islamic scholar of the Subcontinent, Syed Sulaiman Nadwi, who authored Siratun Nabi, the most outstanding 7-volume Urdu work on the Prophet’s life which can be compared with the best works on the subject even in Arabic. [Video] A young boy Reciting Taraweeh in a beautiful voice Watch Hafiz Mohammed Rifaah, Reciting Surah Taha, During taraveeh prayers at Masjid e Khalid bin Waleed, Manki.