Guest Editorial SahilOnline, Leading news portal from Coastal Karnataka, bringing you latest updates from the Coast, State, Nation and the World, in Kannada, Urdu and English. Guest Editorial Indians suffering after ‘atrociously’ planned note ban: New York Times The "atrociously planned and executed" currency ban and a subsequent cash crunch has made life increasingly difficult for Indians, the New York Times has said in its latest hard-hitting editorial criticising Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s move to check black money and corruption. Demonetisation is immoral, theft of people’s property: Steve Forbes Calling India’s demonetisation drive as immoral, Steve Forbes, Editor-in-Chief of Forbes magazine, said it also amounted to theft of people’s property. What makes Modi have a cow Narendra Modi is seldom known to lose his cool. Indeed, this one quality, the unruffled serenity in the face of multiple storms, often has the combined opposition and pundits all worked up but to little effect. So if the prime minister has lost his famous composure, there must be a good reason for it, and there is. The Most Successful Movement of 20 Century Islam – Tablighi Jamat at Crossroad In the 20th century era, Tablighi Jamat has been the most successful Muslim revivalist movement. It was architected and painstakingly nourished by Hazrat Maulana Ilyas (ra) in 1927, British India.