Zubair Khaleefa once again elected as the President of Bhatkal Muslim Jamaat Qatar

Source: S.O. News Service | By Sajjad Quazi | Published on 4th November 2019, 2:02 PM | Coastal News |

Bhatkal: An active member of Bhatkal Muslim Jamaat Qatar, Mr Muhammad Zubair Khaleefa, once again elected as President of the organization, while Mr Abdul Rab Ismailji was elected for the post of General Secretary. The office bearers were elected two months ago, however, following the formation of the media committee, the information was released through a press note.

According to  Faizurrahman, a  member of Jamaat's media committee, the Bhatkal Muslim Jamaat Qatar comprising 135 members held elections on 12th August electing 12 members. Earlier, three members were elected from the dissolved executive body. Three more members were added after the selection of office-bearers. Thus, making the new executive body of Qatar Jamaat having a total of 18 members.

He said that the elections for office bearers took place on September 25, in which Mr Muhammad Zubair Khaleefa was elected President. Prior to this term, he held the office of General Secretary, while on several occasions he has also served as President of the Jamaat. In the new term, Zia Kola elected as Vice President, Abdul Rab Ismailji as General Secretary, Muaz Kola Secretary, Jawwad Muhammad Saheb Kadali as Accountant, and Maulana Fuzail Ahmed Armar as the Treasurer.

Here is the list of newly elected executive members:
• Maulana Fuzail Armar
• Abdul Ghani Ali Akbara
• Salahuddin Shabandari
• Muhammad Zubair Khaleefa
• Abdul Rab Ismailji
• Maulana Yahya Barmawar
• Maulana Abdul Azeem Ruknuddin
• Fayyaz Kola
• Ibrahim Khaleel Siddi Ahmed
• Muaz Kola
• Zia Kola
• Zaheer Kola
• Faizurrahman Mohtesham
• Jawwad Kadali
• Atiqur Rahman Peshmam
• Razeen Ruknuddin
• Zaheer SM
• Ismail Jukako

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