Won’t send kids to school till COVID-19 cases become zero: Bengaluru parents

Source: ENS | Published on 1st June 2020, 1:14 PM | State News |

Bengaluru: As the government is mulling over reopening schools in July, a group has started an online petition against the move.

Members of the group, called ‘Parents Association’, said they will not send their children to schools until the government declares zero 

Covid-19 cases or till a vaccine is available. Opening of schools in July will be a bad idea, they said dubbing such a move “insane.” 

“It’s like playing with fire when we ought to douse it with full force. The parents should fight against this stupidity with tooth n nail, not a single child to be sent to the schools for their own safety (sic),” their petition on Change.org read.

It suggested that classes be held on a virtual platform.

“If schools claim they are doing a good job via virtual learning, why not continue it for the rest of the academic year?” it said.

As many as 1,06,500 people signed the petition by late Sunday evening. A number of pre-primary schools too have supported the online mode of education, despite NIMHAN’s recommendation against it. 

“These are unprecedented times and they need an entirely new perspective toward how we approach a problem, which in this case is ensuring learning for our young children does not hit a roadblock. Considering that the physical environment today is not conducive and safe for young children, it’s imperative that learning moves from on-ground classrooms to a digital environment where our students are interacting with their teachers and classmates, from the safety of their own homes,” said EuroKids’ co-founder and chief executive officer Prajodh Rajan.

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