Bhatkal's 'Makers Hub' comes with initiative of producing 'Face Shields' to Covid-19 warriors

Source: S.O. News Service | By Sajjad Quazi | Published on 6th April 2020, 1:37 PM | Don't Miss |

Bhatkal: While the Coronavirus has wreaked havoc around the world, doctors, medical staff, social workers and police personnel, on the other hand, have been working to control the outbreak, risking their lives. In such cases, the safety of the workers in the field becomes very important, for which the lack of necessary equipment or personal protective equipment has exposed. Doctors working in rural areas face a shortage of necessary masks, which make it difficult for them to control the Corona outbreak. In these situations, medical staffs are being provided with necessary safety masks by many organizations by purchasing it from neighbouring cities or through any other sources.

But, now a group of youths at Bhatkal's 'Makers Hub' have come up with an initiative of developing a 'face shield' for the medical staff, which can be used to protect them more than a normal mask. The initiative is being praised by everyone as this shield is not available even at the official level. The Makers Hub, located at Syed Qutub hall in Madina Colony, Bhatkal, is a group of young students who have developed this 'face shield', demonstrating their innovation and ability. The purpose is to provide the necessary protection to medical staff, police personnel and volunteers who are struggling high to fight the Coronavirus.

Talking about the face shield, Nuhail Damudi said that the mask the medical staffs use only protects the nose and mouth, but there is always a risk to the eyes. But now the shield which we have created works to protect the entire face. This can be very useful for medical staff as well as other officials working in this field, he noted.

He further added, "currently Makers Hub is producing this face shield as a hand made, so it is planned to produce 100 shields in the first phase. Dr Sharad Naik, a nodal officer in the Medical Department in Bhatkal, for the prevention of Coronavirus has given us permission to produce this shield. More than 500 shields can be produced in a day after managing the machinery needed to manufacture it in the future".

The team involved in this initiative include Nuhail Damudi, Mafaz Kharuri, Danish Gawai, Sinaan, Shehzan Mohtesham and Naasif

It is to be noted that this group of students studying in Engineering college established 'Makers Hub' in 2017. This organization focuses on to help prepare and guide projects for students studying in engineering and polytechnic colleges. Conducting workshops to persuade anyone interested in engineering is also among the goals of the Makers Hub.

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