Udupi ZP CEO leads by example, drives waste collection vehicle

Source: TNN | Published on 25th September 2022, 7:16 PM | Coastal News |

UDUPI: In an attempt to spread awareness on waste management, ZP CEO H Prasanna drove a waste collection vehicle in Badagubettu gram panchayat limits on Saturday.

He said, “This is part of a campaign to achieve 100% success in door-to-door waste collection at the village level. More than a thousand women are involved in this job. This is an attempt to understand their problems. Some households fail to segregate waste at the source. Some set fire to it in their homes, or dump it on roads during the night. This was a surprise visit along with chief planning officer Shrinivas Rao. We spent about three hours on the field, and collected waste from one line, and interacted with the public,” he said.

The officer said that there were a few people who were educated on waste management, but refused to cooperate. The department will conduct more IEC activities. “A few people prefer the collection of wet and dry waste every day. However, there were a few who refused to hand over waste, because they had to pay Rs 90 per month. This is also part of the Swachhata Hi Seva campaign. This is also an attempt to ensure permanent black spot eradication, through door-to-door waste collection,” he said.

The ZP CEO said that nodal officers have been appointed to every gram panchayat. “They will travel in the waste collection vehicle, and spend at least two hours on the field, and interact with the public till October 2. The black spots that have been identified, must be cleared, and CCTV cameras should be installed, to ensure that there are no black spots in the future,” he said.

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