Corona takes horrific turn: 2 Bhatkali men breath last in Mangaluru hospital

Source: S.O. News Service | By Sajjad Quazi | Published on 1st July 2020, 9:38 PM | Coastal News |

Bhatkal: The deadly Coronavirus has now taken a horrific turn, claiming two lives of Bhatkal people, creating an atmosphere of more concern about the virus. Over the past couple of weeks, with the help of Majlise Islah Wa Tanzeem, the district and the taluka administration had succeeded in overcoming Coronavirus in Bhatkal, but with the latest cases, the virus has proved fatal.

Sources said that the report of a youngster who died in a private hospital in Mangaluru on Tuesday was received as Corona positive. The 30-year-old was found to be employed in Bengaluru. He had come to Bhatkal on June 23, and on June 25 his wedding was held at one of the marriage halls in Nawayath colony in the city, which was attended by hundreds. It is said that he suffered from fever following his wedding, in the first attempt he went on to consult with a local doctor, then at about 3 AM in the late night between June 29 and 30, when his condition worsened, he was taken to Mangaluru. Unfortunately, he was pronounced dead within an hour after getting admitted at Mangaluru Hospital. It is learned that his burial took place in Surathkal cemetery at around 2.30 PM on Wednesday.

Death of an elderly Bhatkali man in Mangaluru:

A few hours after the burial of the youngster groom took place, a 74-year-old Bhatkali man who was admitted at Wenlock Hospital in Mangaluru breathed last. According to sources the elderly man was rushed to Mangaluru's Private Hospital on June 25 due to kidney problem, where he was kept on oxygen as soon as he arrived. Following his reports of COVID-19 positive, he was then shifted to Government Wenlock hospital, where he passed away.

It is to be noted that the reports of around 12 members of his family were received as positive on Tuesday, after which all of them have been quarantined in Sonarkeri Government School in Bhatkal.

According to information received from Mangaluru, the elderly man's burial will take place in Mangaluru Cemetery on Wednesday evening.

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