TV celebrity Anushree bought, took drugs: Arrested choreographer Kishore Aman Shetty

Source: UNI | Published on 8th September 2021, 7:39 PM | Coastal News |

Mangaluru: Dancer-choreographer Kishore Aman Shetty, who is involved in a drug case, has alleged TV anchor Anushree of buying and consuming drugs including Ecstacy pills.

This statement was given by Shetty in a chargesheet filed by Mangaluru police against him in the drugs case.
According to the chargesheet filed on December 30 last year before a Mangaluru court, the police had recorded Shetty's statement on September 19, 2020.

In his statement, Shetty alleged that Anushree is involved in consuming and buying drugs including Ecstasy pills.

Shetty further said he was introduced to Anshushree by Tarun Raj, another choreographer. They both did choreography together, he added.

He also alleged that Anushree, Raj and himself consumed Ecstasy pills during dance practice sessions held at his choreographer friend's house.

During dance practice, Anushree used to say that she gets strength and ecstacy, Shetty said.

For many days, Anushree and Raj used to stay in a room for several days, he alleged.

Even after the end of Kuniyona Baara reality show, they stayed in touch and used to consume ecstasy pills, Shetty alleged.

He also said that Anushree herself used to buy Ecstacy pills and visit the parties.

More than anyone else, Anushree knows the places where drugs are available, who sells them and who are the drug peddlers, Shetty further alleged.

In September last year, Mangaluru police had questioned the TV anchor in the case.

Anushree had said she had no links with Raj on drug use and had not attended any party with him.

She was summoned after Raj revealed to the police that she had also attended Shetty's party.

Shetty was arrested last year for allegedly possessing MDMA tablets.

Shetty is a noted choreographer and actor who acted in Prabhu Deva's direction Anushree had posted a statement on Facebook live saying that police summoning her does not mean that she is an accused or a culprit.

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