In 2 months, SSLC student grows younger, denied hall ticket

Source: TNN | Published on 24th June 2019, 12:47 PM | Coastal News | State News | Don't Miss |

BENGALURU: In a bizarre incident, the Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board (KSEEB) has denied hall ticket to an SSLC student saying he is ‘underage’ to attend the supplementary exam currently under way. Ironically, the same board had issued the hall ticket to the student for the main exam held in March-April this year.

Uraim Sada, a resident of Bhatkal, now has no other option but to wait for another year to pursue his education.

According to department sources, Uraim studied in Jamiya Madarasa for 11 years and wanted to pursue formal education. He applied as a private candidate in Saraswathi Vidyalaya in Karwar and also got the hall ticket from the department. On March 21 he, along with four other students, left Bhatkal in a car to attend the exam.

Unfortunately, the car met with an accident in which one student died and Uraim was severely injured. However, he attended the exam, despite being in a state of severe shock. He failed in Kannada, English and Mathematics. Later, he applied to appear in the supplementary exams and this time the department denied him hall ticket. When inquired, it was revealed that Uraim wasn’t allowed to write the exam as he was not above 15 years on February 28, 2019, the stipulated age to write SSLC exam as per the rulebook.

The board admitted to have erred in allowing Uraim to write the main exam. Saraswathi Vidyalaya headmaster AM Mani told TOI: “He was not eligible to attend the exam, but the hall ticket was issued, which is an error. I personally went and met officials in the board and they told me that he cannot be allowed to take the examination.”

According to norms, a student should be above 15 years of age as on February 28 or else his candidature will be annulled. The sources said it was the responsibility of the deputy director of public instruction (DDPI) of Karwar to look into the matter before sending it to the board.
However, people in the know say students below the age of 15 appearing for SSLC exam is common, but Uraim was unfortunate to have been noticed by officials.

‘Clearly mentioned in guidelines’
Sumangala V, director KSEEB, told TOI there is no way students below 15 years would be allowed to write SSLC exam. “We have clearly mentioned it in our guidelines and will abide by it. It’s the responsibility of DDPIs to ensure such candidates’ applications are rejected.”
Asked if they have come across many such applications, she said, “All this is dealt with at the DDPI level and doesn’t come to the board. I haven’t come across such cases, but need to look at the DDPI level.”

Messages and phone calls to Prakash, DDPI (Karwar), went unanswered.

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