Social distancing is for every citizen, even for PM, says Prime Minister Modi

Source: ANI | Published on 25th March 2020, 12:46 PM | National News | Don't Miss |

New Delhi:  Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while announcing nationwide total lockdown from 12'o clock tonight for 21 days, on Tuesday said the social distancing is the only option to combat the coronavirus pandemic.
"Social distancing is for every citizen of the country including the Prime Minister as well in our fight against the coronavirus," said Prime Minister Modi in his second address to the nation on Tuesday evening.

"People are hearing and watching the worldwide situation arising from the coronavirus pandemic in the news. They are also seeing how the most empowered nations have become helpless in the face of this pandemic. It's not that these nations are not making efforts or lack resources, but the coronavirus is spreading so rapidly that despite all their efforts, the challenge is increasing," Modi said.

"The result of a two-month study of these countries and what the experts are saying is that social distancing is the only option to combat the coronavirus. That is to remain apart from each other and stay confined to your homes. There is no other way to remain safe from coronavirus. If we have to stop the spread of coronavirus, we have to break the cycle of infection," he added.

The Prime Minister further said that some people are under the misconception that social distancing is only for the patients.
"This is not right. Social distancing is for every citizen, every family and for every member of the family, and for the Prime Minister as well," he said.

Prime Minister Modi also said, "You have to remember that a coronavirus infected person initially appears to be normal and doesn't show symptoms. So, maintain precautions and stay at home."

Prime Minister Modi said that essential services will remain in place and the Centre and the State governments are making all possible efforts to mitigate the people's woes.

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