Number of accidents rises on NH-63 between Ankola and Yallapur

Source: DHNS | Published on 21st September 2021, 1:22 PM | Coastal News |

Karwar: The number of accidents has risen on National Highway-63 between Ankola and Yallapur. Every day one or the other (minor or major) accident is being reported on this route. 

The highway was damaged due to rains. Besides, landslides had occurred at Arabail Ghatta on the highway, causing inconvenience for smooth vehicular movement. 

It has become a challenging task for the drivers of heavy vehicles to move on this route. Slight negligence by drivers may cause a major accident. Driving via Arabail and Aratibail Ghatta on this highway is always challenging. Landslides during the rainy season invite danger to drivers.   

Ramesh Naik, a car driver of Karwar said, it is difficult to move via Arabail and Aratibail Ghatta. If any accident occurs at a curve on the highway, other vehicles cannot move. As a result, traffic movement affects. Recently, series of accidents took place on National Highway-63 between Ankola and Yallapur. On Sunday, head-on-collision between a lorry and a bus took place on the same route. There is a need to take immediate steps to resolve the problem, he suggested.

He also said, many times, accidents occur due to the negligence of the drivers. Overloaded vehicles and lack of proper maintenance are also the main reasons for accidents. Proper care should be taken while driving to avoid accidents, he advised.

An officer of the National Highways Authority of India said, the highway at Arabail Ghatta which was damaged due to landslides, has been repaired temporarily. Continuous rains led to delay to take up the permanent road repair work. Fund has been released by the government for repairing the road. Rains receded in the region for four days. If the same weather continues, the repair work will be taken up soon, the officer stated.

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