“Most corrupt government”: Karnataka contractors’ body accuses BJP minister of taking bribes

Source: ANI | Published on 25th August 2022, 7:12 PM | State News |

Bengaluru : The Karnataka State Contractors Association (KSCA) claimed that the BJP-led state government is the “most corrupt government” and said that they have to pay a 40 per cent commission to the government.

“This is the most corrupt government. I have never seen such a government during my service. Not only 40 per cent, but some places are asking for more than that commission. The government has to pay more than Rs 22,000 crore to contractors,” said Kempanna, the president of the contractors’ association.

Asked if they have faith in CM Basavaraj Bommai, Kempanna said the CM’s words are not translating into action. “He’s a good man. But, officials don’t respect him. Bommai said that money is not being released despite his orders.”

“We went to the court and got the lease money. Kolar district in-charge Minister Muniratna has asked to do the collection and pay him, Shame on them all. How can a district in-charge minister say this?” said Kempanna while directly accusing many other ministers of demanding 40 per cent commission from contractors.

“Muniratna had given trouble to two members of our association. I will write to PM Narendra Modi again in 15 days about 40 per cent commission. On Independence Day, he gave a speech saying that corruption is dangerous for the country. We welcome this. But why no action has been taken regarding the complaint we have given?” he asked.

“Our struggle will continue. A situation has developed where the officials do not listen to the Chief Minister. The Chief Minister had asked to change the tender calling process. But, they are not listening to him,” said the president of the contractors’ association.

“We have not given any document to Siddaramaiah. Giving documents is not a big deal. Big problems will happen after giving. We will provide the record after the investigation. Let there be a judicial investigation. Now the whole system has deteriorated. Some ministers, PWD ministers tried to break our organization,” he alleged.

“The Bill has been pending for three years. I gave some information to Siddaramaiah and he said that he will raise this issue in the House,” said Kempanna.

“No matter who the document is given to, it will be known who gave it. Our contractors are afraid. We will provide more information when the time comes. All MLAs are asking for 10 to 15 per cent. The whole system is full of corruption. Not like one or two, no one can be ranked. All Ministers and MLAs are in the number 1 position. Everyone including Basavaraj Bommai is corrupt. In some places, there is 100 per cent corruption,” added Kempanna.

The KSCA urged Siddaramaiah to support their fight against corruption.

Speaking to the media after the contractors association meeting, Kempanna said, “We demand a judicial enquiry by a sitting High Court judge. The government have to prove its credibility by handing over 40 per cent of commision issue to the High Court independent committee.”

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