Minister warns strict action against those creating artificial fertiliser scarcity in Karnataka

Source: PTI | Published on 9th May 2022, 11:40 PM | State News |

Bengaluru: Karnataka Agriculture Minister B C Patil on Monday warned of stringent action against those who create artificial scarcity of fertilisers and seeds for sowing ahead of monsoon season.

The minister said the government is making sure there is no shortage of fertilisers and seeds in the state.

“Some people are creating artificial scarcity of fertilisers and seeds for sowing. Anyone indulging in such activities will be dealt with an iron hand,” Patil told reporters here.

According to him, the estimated demand for fertilisers from April to September this year is 26.76 lakh metric tonnes in the state. In April, the demand for fertilisers was 7.61 lakh metric tonne whereas the initial stock was 5.94 lakh metric tonne.

However, by May 9, 3.91 lakh metric tonne of fertilisers were supplied. Of the total stock of 9.85 lakh tonnes of fertilisers, 2.70 lakh metric tonnes were sold.

“At present, there is a stock of 7.15 lakh metric tonne with the private and cooperative societies. So, there is no shortage of fertilisers in the state,” Patil explained. 

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