Mangaluru city cops arrest mobile snatchers

Source: ANI | Published on 13th January 2022, 7:35 PM | Coastal News | Don't Miss |

Mangaluru :  Mangaluru city police arrested around three thieves who were involved in snatching cell phone of a migrant labourer, said N Shashikumar, Commissioner of Police, Mangaluru City on Thursday.

Speaking to ANI, N Shashikumar said, "The incident occurred yesterday when two people were found running. After that, the police chased them. We got to know that one person was the victim and another was the accused."

The Police Commissioner further informed that the victim is a migrant labourer and his mobile was snatched by two-three people.

"The victim is a migrant labourer, his mobile was snatched by 2-3 people. One was arrested red-handed and others were arrested later," he added.

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