Karnataka: Two youth come to the aid of pregnant cow

Source: ANI | Published on 28th November 2019, 12:07 PM | State News |

Bagalkot: Two Muslim youth assisted a pregnant cow, writhing with labour pain on the side of a road in Navanagar in Karnataka's Bagalkot, to safely deliver.

The two youth - Allah Baksh Hani and Bandenawaz Bijapur said they were unaware about the cow's owner.

Recounting the incident, Hani said, "Last night I saw a cow lying on the roadside writhing in pain. I suspected that something was wrong and called one of my friends. We realised that the cow was in labour."

"We helped the cow and she delivered soon after. We did not even know who the cow belonged to," he added.

Reportedly, onlookers soon gathered at the site and applauded the youth for their efforts. 

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