K'taka: The decision to resign wasn't impulsive, says rebel MLA S T Somashekar

Source: ANI | Published on 11th July 2019, 6:22 PM | State News |

Bengaluru: The commitments made by the JD(S)-Congress government in Karnataka could not satisfy them and their decision to resign was not impulsive, said rebel Karnataka Congress MLA S T Somashekar here on Thursday.

"Our support is there with this government in Karnataka, to respect our leader Rahul Gandhi but commitments made by the coalition government couldn't satisfy us. We haven't taken this decision all of a sudden. We had even informed them earlier but they did not care," he said.

Somashekar, who is also the President of Bengaluru Development Authority (BDA), added: "Since last three days, they became active to solve our issues. Why did they not care about us before? You imposed an IAS officer on BDA to scrutinise me as I am the BDA President. When you (Karnataka government) take such a decision, we don't need this government."

The 13-month old Congress-JD(S) government slumped into crisis following the resignation of 11 MLAs from the membership of the state Assembly last week.

The state Assembly has 225 members, including one nominated MLA. The halfway mark in the 225-member Assembly is 113.

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