K’taka: Congress takes dig at govt, says “CM chair is for sale”

Source: ANI | Published on 21st August 2022, 5:29 PM | State News | Don't Miss |

Bengaluru : With the Assembly elections approaching in Karnataka, the war of words has reached the next level with a spate of accusations and speculations in the political sphere.

The latest incident emerged after Congress alleged that the chief ministerial chair is “for sale” in the BJP for a hefty amount while also claiming that the party will change the leadership ahead of the polls, a practice which the BJP followed in some of the states.

“CM chair is for sale for Rs 2,500 crore in Karnataka,” said Congress leader BK Hariprasad.

Karnataka minister Prabhu B Chauhan said that the Congress leaders like BK Hariprasad and Siddaramaiah should refrain from making such statements and should be more responsible.

He also said leaders like BK Hariprasad who was a parliamentarian and in central politics must make statements with responsibility.

“All this speculation is baseless and no such talks or development will happen in Karnataka. Basavaraja Bommai is doing good and he’ll remain as CM in whose leadership BJP will fight next assembly elections,” Chauhan said.

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