COVID-19: Discharge of few Bhatkal patients from Karwar hospital expected tomorrow after reports show negative results

Source: S.O. News Service | By Sajjad Quazi | Published on 21st May 2020, 5:00 PM | Coastal News | Don't Miss |

Bhatkal: Of the 30 people from Bhatkal who have been admitted at the Karwar Institute of Medical Science (KIMS) in Karwar, reports of some people infected with Coronavirus have come out to be negative. But since reports of other patients are yet to be received, some of them may be discharged from the hospital tomorrow, Friday.

According to sources, the samples of Bhatkal's Corona-infected people admitted at KIMS in Karwar were sent for testing twice after completing 14 days, of which nine were reported to be negative. It has also been reported that all the Bhatkal patients affected by Corona are fine and healthy, on the basis of which, about nine people could be discharged from the hospital on Friday.

More than 50 people from Bhatkal freed from quarantine centres:
Samples of around 194 people who came in primary and secondary contact with the 18-year-old girl who tested positive for Coronavirus, linked with the Mangalore's First Neuro Hospital, among which  30 people tested positive and others reported to be negative. As all the 30 infected people were admitted to KIMS in Karwar, about 150 people who were tested negative were kept in quarantine at Bhatkal Government Hospital, Anjuman Quarantine Center and some of them with Home Quarantine.

Samples of several people were sent for testing yesterday after completion of fourteen days of admission at the quarantine centre and hospital. It has been reported that reports of about 15 people have come negative, more reports are yet to be received. Similarly, people who arrived from Bengaluru and other districts were quarantined in Murdeshwar Madrasa, Shirali, Mavinkatta, Heble, Mundalli and Jamiaabad. About 39 people were isolated in Murdeshwar Madrasa, and the reports have been received as negative, after which everybody was allowed to go home.

Sources said that reports of many more people will be received by today, Thursday evening and tomorrow, Friday, after which many more will be allowed to go home once the report is received as negative.

Asymptomatic is not an indication of not having Corona:
Talking to SahilOnline over phone call, Uttara Kannada Deputy Commissioner Dr Harish Kumar said that the symptoms of COVID-19 do not appear in 80% of the people, but it does not mean that they do not have Corona. Most of them are asymptomatic, but as soon as they infect others, others begin to show symptoms. But some asymptomatic people infected with Corona, feel that there is no Coronavirus in them. DC also addressed those who are about to be discharged from the hospital and asked them to stay in their homes in quarantine and not to leave their homes unnecessarily.

Tanzeem's strong role:
From the initial days after the Corona cases came to light in Bhatkal, the members of Majlise Islah Wa Tanzeem have been trying their best to provide full support to the victims.  Many people were quarantined at the Anjuman Quarantine Center and are some are still in quarantine. Tanzeem made best arrangements for the people in Quarantine, especially in the midnight of the holy month of Ramadan by providing Pre-dawn meal (Sehri) and Fast-breaking meal (Iftaar). Similarly, separate arrangements of lunch for children and pregnant women were also made. The services of Younus Ruknuddin, Convener of the Medical Team under the supervision of Tanzeem President S M Syed Pervez and General Secretary Abdul Raqeeb MJ Nadvi, including other members Muhammad Sadique Matta, Nisar Ahmed Top, Imtiyaz Udyawar, Naseef Khalifa and many others are commendable for being in touch with the people in the quarantine centres and providing them full support while resolving their problems.

Efforts of Murdeshwar Jamaat also laudable:
Those arriving Bhatkal after travelling from distant cities were not allowed to enter Bhatkal and were quarantined in Murdeshwar. The Murdeshwar Jamaat took responsibility for arranging Sehri and Iftaar. In this regard, Tanzeem General Secretary Abdul Raqeeb MJ Nadvi said, as soon as we requested the cooperation of the members of the Jamaat, the leaders of the Murdeshwar Jamaat immediately offered their services and arranged to quarantine the Bhatkal people in the Madrasa. In addition to conducting the quarantine at the Madrasa, special arrangements were also made for cooking for more than 40 people there. On this occasion, Abdul Raqeeb MJ thanked the leaders of the Jamaat and especially praised Abdul Razeeq Kochapu, Abu Muhammad Hussaina, Yaseen Sheikh, Ali Ahmad Kabarsha, Abdul Sinan Siddibapa etc. He also thanked everyone on behalf of Majlise Islah Wa Tanzeem.

Information to people arriving Bhatkal from Mumbai and other cities:
Abdul Raqeeb MJ Nadvi, General Secretary, Majlise Islah Wa Tanzeem has requested those who are stranded in Mumbai and other cities, not to arrive Bhatkal for the time being. And asked to wait for few more days. He said that at the present case in Bhatkal, people arriving will be quarantined by the administration in government schools, but if they want to be quarantined in Anjuman Center or any other hotel or building, they have to wait. Because, currently Tanzeem doesn't have a vacant building where people can be quarantined. He said efforts are being made to get hotel or building to quarantine arrivals from other states. "After systematic arrangements by Tanzeem, the news will be given through the media after which people may return to Bhatkal", he said.

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