Karnataka textbook row: Cong leaders hit out at BJP govt in state

Source: ANI | Published on 30th August 2022, 1:07 PM | State News | Don't Miss |

Bengaluru : Accusing the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of trying to "change" history, Karnataka Congress chief D K Shivakumar on Monday termed the new National Education Policy (NEP) brought in by the Centre as the "Nagpur Educational Policy" and said his party would scrap it if voted to power.

Shivakumar's comments come at a time when a controversy is brewing in the state over the depiction of RSS icon Veer Savarkar in a Karnaraka school textbook.

"Karnataka Government is trying to change the history of Indian Politics. Mahatama Gandhi ji led the Indian freedom struggle, it is only he who could be called a true Mahatma. Incumbent government have changed National Educational Policy(NEP) to Nagpur Educational Policy! This is a brainless Government. We will scrap the National Educational Policy when we come to power in next Legislative elections. They want to change the history filled with their personal agenda," claimed Shivakumar.

A row has been underway in Karnataka over a reported revison in a school textbook regarding Savarkar's incarceration. The Congress has been attacking the BJP government in the state over the issue.

Saleem Ahmad , Working President of KPCC, said, "They try and bring new things. They have removed Tipu Sultan name from the textbooks and other freedom fighters. They are trying to create confusion in the minds of students, it is most unfortunate. This is not governments job and rather they should focus on fighting corruption , maintaining law and order and price rise, instead of polarising and divide society on Communal lines."

MLA from Chittapur constituency, Priyank Kharge, said, " Quite funny what the governement of Karnataka is doing. Even if they want to use it as a metaphor, this false glorification of Veer Savarkar is not good for anyone. If you really want to know what your leader said, you should follow that. They have killed the scientific temper that has been groomed in they country. It died the day when Prime Minister, Narendra Modi said that we have figured out transplants way back when Ganesha's head was transplanted. When Prime Minister encourages to discuss Nuclear annihilation during the Mahabharata, mixing science with mythology is not a good thing," Kharge alleged. 

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