Karnataka: Florists associations and farmers protest against ban on garlands, bouquets at official programs

Source: ANI | Published on 13th August 2021, 8:22 PM | State News |

Bengaluru: Several flower growers and vendors on Thursday protested at the Bengaluru international flower auction market against the government instruction stating that only Kannada books should be given at official programmes instead of fruits, garlands, and bouquets.

The flower growers said the order places a burden on the state's floriculture farmers who are already recovering from Corona hardships.

This came days after the state government had issued an order regarding a ban on fruits, garlands, and bouquets at any official programs throughout the state, adding that only Kannada books would be given.

TM Aravind, president of the South India Floriculture Association (SIFA) said, "It is a tragedy for the families of thousands of farmers engaged in flower cultivation in the state covering 7500 hectares. There are no scientific or research findings behind this decision. Farmers who have been disturbed by the lack of public meetings for years may be driven to commit suicide. Crores of rupees were involved in floriculture".

Srikanth Bollapalli, President of the Flower Council of India told, "Floriculture is being carried out through the Green House on 7500 hectares besides flowers are also grown on millions of acres in the informal sector. There are about six people working on an acre and about 15 people on a hectare. Bangalore is a major hub of the country's flower industry. It would be inappropriate to impose a ban on floriculture, which is a major contributor to foreign exchange and the economy."

The protesters demanded the withdrawal of the ban order on the life-support industry of the state's floriculture farmers and millions of people involved in the flower industry.

Representatives of state florists including all the state's florists and florist associations participated in the protest, holding a bouquet, necklace, and fruit baskets. 

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