Kalenja murder: Masood’s family left to fend for itself

Source: DHNS | Published on 30th July 2022, 1:34 PM | Coastal News |

Mangaluru: Though chief minister, MP, MLAs and other leaders have been visiting the family of slain BJP yuva Morcha leader Praveen Nettaru’s house, there is none to console the family of Masood who was killed by miscreants at Kalenja in Bellare a week ago.

Masood’s family has lost four members in the last four months.Leave alone the chief minister, even the local MLA or GP president has not visited the house, said the family members.

Masood (19) succumbed to the injuries on July 21, after a group from a different faith assaulted him. The police have already arrested eight persons in connection with the murder.

“Only I know how much difficulties I faced in nurturing my son. When he grew up and was capable of taking care of me, I lost him. With whom should I share my woes....,” said mother Saramma with tears rolling down her cheeks.

 “I have seen big leaders visiting and consoling elsewhere. There is none to console my family... All have the same blood, right. Don’t we need justice?,” she said.

Masood’s brother Mirshad said, “We are saddened because the chief minister, who’s in Mangaluru, did not visit us. We are facing this for treading a peaceful path. Had we engaged in violence, we might have received compensation”.

 “My younger brother and sister are still studying. We both brothers were  supporting the family. Now, I lost my younger brother Masood,” he lamented.

 “My brother Masood was working with me at a tea shop at Neelasandra in Bengaluru. He returned to native three months ago and was working as an assistant to a mason. He was not involved in any organisation,” Mirshad said.

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