Karnataka: Migrant workers in Mangaluru hold protest ask Jharkhand govt for trains to take them back home

Source: ANI | Published on 17th May 2020, 12:22 PM | Coastal News | State News | National News |

Mangaluru: Scores of migrant workers from Jharkhand on Friday staged a protest outside the Town Hall in Mangaluru asking the Jharkhand government to arrange trains for them to return home.

A migrant worker said, "If the government does not help us reach home, we will sleep on roads. We will perish but we will go home."

"We are 1500 people here. We do not want anything, all we want is to go back to our villages. We have requested both Karnataka and Jharkhand governments. We have been here for the last three days. We do not want work," said another migrant worker.

With few transportation options available, thousands of people in some regions of the country, mostly migrant labourers, have resorted to walking towards their hometowns during the lockdown.

The country is in a state of lockdown imposed to check the spread of coronavirus. 

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