Karwar: Hotel-turned-quarantine center sealed after one Maharashtra returnee tested positive

Source: S.O. News Service | By Sajjad Quazi | Published on 1st June 2020, 1:33 PM | Coastal News |

Karwar: Due to the Coronavirus lockdown, the business holders of hotel industries were among the distressed, and to provide some relief, their Hotels, lodge and resorts were used as quarantine centres to those arriving from outside the district. The proposal to use some hotels and resorts as quarantine centers came to light when there was no proper arrangement for official quarantine of visitors from outside the district. But now their move has initiated a problem as these hotels and resorts have been sealed after reports of quarantined persons came out to be positive for COVID-19.

When the government officials offered to quarantine people, some hoteliers who were distressed due to business crises, planned to make up for their losses and started charging a good amount of rent. But now after the reports of some quarantined persons have come out to as positive for Coronavirus, police personnel have started evacuating such hotels, lodges and resorts by sealing them completely.

Similar incident has reported here in Karwar where a well-known famous hotel has been sealed after an arrivals from Maharashtra were quarantined, after which one of the woman among them was tested positive. It is said that the report of one person along with the said woman has come negative while the report of one more person is awaited. It is also said that after contacting a local politician, the family returned from Mumbai due to health problems and stayed in the hotel. Now, after the report came out as positive, the police sealed off the hotel overnight and Barricades were erected around it. However, the barricades were later removed from here on Sunday evening.

Usually in a hotel or resort used for quarantine, if a case is found positive, the hotel area will be sealed and fully sanitized and re-opened for public use after two or three days. But people still remain afraid to visit that particular hotel where positive cases were found and it is certain that hotel owners will have difficulty in balancing their business to normal. Another additional problem for hoteliers also adds that after the positive cases report, the name and photos of the hotel or resort go viral instantly on social media platforms. In this case, the hotel business is naturally affected.

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