Hope in judiciary, says student who fought for hijab

Source: PTI | Published on 15th October 2022, 11:47 AM | Coastal News | Don't Miss |

Mangaluru: Even as the Karnataka government has vowed to continue the hijab ban in educational institutions till the Supreme Court gives a final verdict, Aliya Assadi, one of the girl students who started the fight for hijab at the government PU college in Udupi, says there is still hope for a fair judgement on the issue.

Assadi took to Twitter to express her view on the split verdict given on the hijab issue by the Supreme Court, saying the judgement has upheld the rights of victim girls.

"Hon'ble Justice Dhulia's statement has further strengthened our hope in fair judgement and continued constitutional value at least in miniscule. Thousands of hijabis students are waiting to resume their education," she tweeted.

Assadi was one of the petitioners who moved the High Court seeking to protect the right of Muslim girls to wear hijabs in educational institutions.

Another student Hiba Sheik, in her tweet, said: "Our plea was straightforward & simple. All we asked was our personal choice & dignity. Happy that our plea was rightly accepted by Justice Dhuliya. Being students, we hope that our democracy will never deprive us of our educational rights along with our choice to wear hijab."

The Udupi-based Association for Protection of Civil Rights (APCR) convener Hussain Kodi Bengre said it has been proved that there is provision for proper judicial and fundamental rights in the country.

Hussain, who is a litigant in the case, said the fundamental rights of girls should not be denied. "We are sure that the court will support the fundamental rights of children to their education," he said, adding that the possibility of a split verdict was expected.

Meanwhile, Sri Rama Sena leader Mohan Bhat said the Supreme Court's split verdict has created confusion. While respecting the verdict, he said the government had taken a decision to ensure that there will not be any discrimination towards students.

He said it is suspected that the now-banned Popular Front of India was behind the controversy over hijab. If they claim that hijab is part of their religion, let them follow the rule in their premises, Bhat said.

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