Goonda Act invoked against two men with criminal antecedents

Source: The Hindu | Published on 21st July 2022, 12:40 PM | Coastal News |

Mangaluru: Police Commissioner N. Shashi Kumar has recommended preventive detention of Dheeraj Kumar alias Dheeraj, 27, and Preetam Poojary alias Preetesh, 26, who are involved in many serious crimes in the city, under Section 8 of the Karnataka Prevention of Dangerous Activities of Bootleggers, Drug Offenders, Gamblers, Goondas, Immoral Traffic offenders, Slum Grabbers and Video or Audio Pirates (Goonda) Act.

The order was conveyed to the two accused men on Wednesday and they were moved to Ballari Central Prison. The order will be reviewed by a committee of judges of the Karnataka High Court.

Mr. Kumar told reporters that Dheeraj, a resident of Yekkur in the city, has been involved in crime since 2015. Claiming himself to be an autorickshaw driver, Dheeraj has been accused in nine serious crime including cases of dacoity, attempt to murder, assault and criminal conspiracy.

Cases are registered in Mangaluru South, Mangaluru East, Mangaluru Rural, and Kankanady Police Stations. He, along with his 60 alleged associates, have been committing crime and creating unrest in the city.

Of the nine cases, Dheeraj has been acquitted in three cases, while trial is on in five cases. One case is under investigation. Dheeraj has been continuing with crime after getting released on bail, he said.

Preetam of Bajal has been involved in 12 criminal cases since 2016. Cases have been registered in Mangaluru South, Mangaluru Rural, Mangaluru East, Mangaluru North and Kankanady Police Stations.

He has been accused of attempt to murder, threat to life, kidnap and consumption of cannabis.

On April 10, Dheeraj and Preetam were accused of assaulting few persons outside a chicken stall in Valencia. Following the arrest, Dheeraj and Preetam applied for bail and it was granted by Principal District and Sessions Judge Ravindra M. Joshi on July 14.

In order to prevent the two from further creating unrest in the society by committing crime after release on bail, the two were taken into preventive detention before they could complete formalities for release from Mangaluru District Prison, Mr. Kumar said.

This is second time that Mr. Kumar involved provisions of Goonda Act. In March 2022, Mr. Kumar ordered for placing under preventive detention underworld operative ‘Akashbhavan’ Sharan and ‘Pinky’ Nawaz, who were accused of involvement in crime that ignited communal discord.

A panel of Judges of Karnataka High Court upheld the order of Mr. Kumar.

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