Eid Al Adha warning in UAE: Civic bodies warn residents against seeking illegal butchers, risking health

Source: KT | Published on 28th July 2020, 8:07 PM | Gulf News |

UAE: Many illegal butchers are promoting their services on social media and distributing flyers in residential areas to woo customers. They are doing so even though tough penalties, including up to Dh20,000 fine, have been announced by authorities in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman on illegal slaughtering of sacrificial animals in unauthorised places during Eid Al Adha.

These illegal butchers post their contact numbers and offer animal slaughtering services at a cheaper rate as compared to abattoirs. They even offer to pick up the animal from the market and deliver it home: slaughtered and well-skinned.

As the practice grows, the municipalities have warned residents of the danger of illegal slaughtering by unlicensed butchers. They have urged the public not to hire an illegal butcher to slaughter a sacrificial animal in an undesignated places or inside the house, as the practice could pose serious health and environmental risk.

Dh 20,000 fine on illegal butchers:

The civic bodies underlined that If illegal butchers, meat shops, and restaurants are found slaughtering animals at undesignated places, they will be slapped with a fine of Dh20,000. The municipalities are stepping up control, monitoring, and inspection targeting illegal butchers, who offer sheep and cattle at the market and their quick slaughtering services at a cheap price.

Omar Al Muhairi, head of the food control and veterinary services department at Sharjah Municipality, said that the illegal butchers have resorted to promoting their services on social media as they find it risky now to stand at the entrance of the cattle market to lure the customers after the municipality increased inspection and monitoring ahead of Eid.

"Despite the intensified awareness programmes to educate the public on illegal slaughtering, there are many who continue to entertain these butchers who rear their ugly heads during the Eid."

He urged residents of Sharjah to avoid illegal slaughtering and avail of the services at the abattoirs, which maintain the highest standards of quality to ensure public health safety. "Illegal slaughtering not only poses risk to public health but the waste of animals dumped in the open affects the cleanliness of the city and pollutes the environment."

Khaled Al Hosani, head of health directorate of Ajman Municipality, pointed out that to curb the practice of illegal slaughter, the civic body has started cattle market next to the abattoir for traders to sell the animals. "This will make it easier for people to choose animals and directly go to the abattoir for slaughtering, instead of seeking illegal butchers."

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