"Don't​ exploit minorities for political benefits": Voice of Kumta Muslims

Source: S.O. News Service | Published on 27th March 2017, 8:27 PM | Coastal News | Don't Miss | Special Report |

Kumta: In a recent violence of Kumta, a Muslim youth was beaten black and blue by a group of right wing activists who tried to disturb the peace and communal harmony of the city alleging that he showed shoes to the religious procession that was moving on the evening of 17th March in Kumta. Opposing it, the local muslim organization, Kumta Jamatul Muslimeen and other muslim leaders reached Karwar and met with Uttara-Kannada DC and SP demanding strict action against the miscreants who assaulted the muslim youth. They also briefed the media to investigate and publish the fact reports. 

Muslims of Kumta  are asking politicians to "Not to play a political game with the intention of strengthening the party and urged not to exploit minorities with this aim". 

"We survive with every community in this land. But yet it's not understood, why some people and political parties raise voice opposing us. Some political people, who rose to our votes and stood with us during hardships are now involved in accusing our community. We strongly condemn your act of strengthening the party by levying false charges on our youths", said a muslim youth.

"It seems that these political leaders may have thought that by delivering speeches against Muslims, it will help them in achieving great political status and strengthen their parties. It's true that we are minorities in this country. But for us to survive peacefully, we do need the co-operation of Hindu majority too. We hunt fishes from sea and sell it to Hindus. Most of the customers in our business are Hindus, also who come for shopping to our outlets are Hindus. We travel town by town to bring coconuts, cashew nuts, agricultural productions etc and sell it in the market. Our business happens with every community people, here exists love and friendship. But did we anytime cheat anyone? Have we ever been deceitful with our country? But for silly reasons, our youths are assaulted. Every youth at young age gets involved in mischievous things and love affairs, but if it is done by our youths then the situation turns ugly. Even today we support secular Hindu leaders. But these secular leaders use our votes and later leave us orphaned in the field of politics. Not only this, but then they come forward in delivering speeches against us" said a group of Muslim youth while talking with media.

"Initially, when the call for Kumta bandh was given after assaulting the youth alleging he showed shoe to 'RamRatha', we too accepted that the youth might have done wrong and kept our shops and offices closed. We too supported the protest. Then we realised that there was no truth in the incident of showing shoe to 'RamRatha'. We think this truth was hidden from these political leaders too. We also saw a politician who recently changed the party, was busy involved in arguments with police threatening that misbehavior with religious procession can't be tolerated and if it continues, then situation may go ugly. We were surprised to see such a leader who always supported us since many years and stood with us at every difficulties is now suddenly going against us for political gain. Is political gain more important than his own people?" A muslim businessman asked.

"What we demand is simple. If our youth indeed indulge in disrespecting the religious procession, then he should be punished by the law. Not by self appointed goons and activists. And if he is found innocent, the people who assaulted him should be punished" the Jamaat leaders stated

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