Dhinchak Pooja Becomes India’s Latest Online Viral Sensation

Source: NewsVoir | Published on 7th July 2017, 4:30 PM | NewsVoir |
  • Her youtube channel attracts an average viewership of 2.65 million views per month

Online star, Dhinchak Pooja, is the latest viral sensation on Youtube and social media in India. After viral hits like Swag Wali Topi, Daaru, Selfie Maine Leli Aaj she recently went live with Dilon Ka Shooter. 

Here is a look at her popularity on Youtube and her earnings from her videos as per Vidooly’s data-

  • Dhinchak Pooja’s youtube channel currently receives an average of 2.65 million views per month.

  • Across her 12 videos she has accumulated almost 29 million views. While in the last 30 days alone views on her channel have shot up by 59%. In May alone her videos chalked up to 16 million views while in June they have reached 10 million views.

  • While she has over 118,000 subscribers on Youtube, she continues to add an average of 2630 subscribers a day. In the last 30 days alone she has added 59,834 subscribers and registered a growth of 51% in subscribers.

  • While 3 of her videos have crossed the hallowed million views mark she continues to pull in over 600,000 views a day given her recent video “Dilon Ka Shooter” which with 800,000 views is on its way to cross the 1 million views mark soon.

  • In terms of demography majority of her viewers are male with 89.74% of the views while 10.12% of views are by women viewers.

Dhinchak Pooja’s Youtube Channel in one of her videos


Vidooly uses the YouTube API to track Youtube channels and hence is able to estimate earnings. The approximate earnings are the following. Even though there is a massive viewership on her videos there are no ads running on her videos hence if she is pulling in any earnings at all then its quite low due to low monetised impressions.

YouTube Earnings Estimate



Est. Rev (INR)

 Dhinchak Pooja - Dilon Ka Shooter (On public demand)



 Dhinchak Pooja - Selfie Maine Leli Aaj



 Dhinchak Pooja - Selfie Maine Leli Aaj (Lyric Video)



 Dhinchak Pooja - Daaru (studio version)



 Dhinchak Pooja - Thank You Guys



 Dhinchak Pooja - Daaru (Official Music Video)



 Dhinchak Pooja - DAARU (Teaser)



 Dhinchak Pooja - daaru (audio)



 Dhinchak pooja Swag Wali Topi Goes Viral



 swag wali topi remix



 swag wali topi



 Swag Wali Topi - Dhinchak Pooja




Dhinchak Pooja also has her songs available for downloads across iTunes and Amazon.

Distribution Earnings Estimate

 Other Sales

Revenue (INR)

 Selfie Maine Le Li Aaj on iTunes


 Swag Wali Topi on iTunes


 Daaru on iTunes


 Selfie Maine Le Li Aaj on Amazon


 Swag Wali Topi on Amazon


 Daaru on Amazon



These are only representative numbers based on available data and not actual earnings.


Youtube is the most popular video sharing platform in the world with over 1.3 billion users. With over 300 million smartphone users in India, Youtube reaches over 180 million users in India alone. With the rise in affordable devices, faster data networks and a growing base of content creators, content creators have ample opportunities to reach out to wider audiences with their unique content.

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