Dead body of Covid patient cremated on road side

Source: DHNS | Published on 8th July 2020, 1:28 PM | Coastal News |

Karwar: The issue of performing final rites of a 42-year-old person (Patient No: UK 410) from Sirsi taluk who died due to Covid-19 became a big headache for officials on Monday.

As the family of the deceased person asked the authorities not to get the dead body to the village, the district authorities decided to perform the final rites at the Hindu graveyard at Kodibag. But this did not go well with the local people, MLA Roopali Naik, Congress leaders and others and they demanded to find alternative land. This resulted in officials struggling the entire night to find an alternative land.

As the news of officials finding alternative land spread in Karwar, people from Sadashivgad, Sunkeri, Dhobighat and surrounding areas stood guard to the graveyards in their respective areas. With no other option left, the authorities cremated the body in a deserted area on a stone quarry road near Binaga at midnight.

However, later people of Binaga alleged that the body was not cremated properly. They said that the body was cremated at a place where water from the hill flows. Also, the kerosene can was left haphazardly at the spot. The area was left unsanitised. Later, the officials visited the site and cross-checked if the body had burnt properly. They then put a load of mud on the spot.

Deputy Commissioner K Harishkumar said that the cremation was done as per government protocol and people need not worry.

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