CWC demands resignation of Amit Shah over Delhi violence

Source: ANI | Published on 26th February 2020, 8:12 PM | National News |

New Delhi: The Congress Working Committee (CWC) on Wednesday passed a resolution demanding the resignation of Union Home Minister Amit Shah with immediate effect over violence in Delhi.

"After reviewing the situation, the CWC is of the firm opinion that what has happened in Delhi is a colossal failure of duty for which the entire responsibility must be borne by the Central Government and particularly the Home Minister and we call upon the Home Minister to tender his resignation immediately," read CWC resolution.

"The Chief Minister and the Delhi Government are equally responsible for not activating the administration to reach out to the people to maintain peace and harmony. It is the collective failure of the two governments that have resulted in a great tragedy in the capital city which threatens to become worse by the day," it added.

It stated that the tragic events since last Sunday have a "history, design and a pattern."

"It was evident even during the Delhi elections. Several leaders of the BJP made inflammatory statements clearly intended to create an atmosphere of fear and hate. The last of these statements was made on Sunday, when a BJP leader gave an ultimatum of three days to the Delhi police and warned that 'after three days don't tell us anything'," read the resolution.

It went on to say that the Delhi Police has remained "paralysed in the last 72 hours - 18 lives have been lost so far, including a head constable, and hundreds are in hospital, many with gunshot injuries."

"Violence continues unabated on the streets of North East Delhi. The CWC expresses its deep regret and offers its sincere condolences to the families of those who have lost their lives and earnestly wishes that the injured persons will recover swiftly and be restored to good health," the CWC resolution read.

It said that the situation is "grave and requires urgent action."

"Adequate security forces must be deployed immediately to bring the situation under control. Peace committees must be formed in every mohalla consisting of members of all communities to ensure that there are no untoward incidents. Senior civil servants must be deployed in each district to take charge of the administration to ensure that the administrative machinery responds to the evolving situation," CWC resolution stated.

"The CWC appeals to the people of Delhi to reject the politics of hate and do their best in healing the rifts caused by these shameful events, to help rebuild all that has been lost and to ensure that such events do not take place ever again," CWC stated.

It also called upon all Congress workers and leaders to visit the affected areas, to extend all possible support to the families of those who have suffered as a consequence of the violence and to help build bridges between communities.

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