Consent is amongst most underrated concepts in our society, says Rahul Gandhi on marital rape

Source: ANI | Published on 17th January 2022, 1:39 PM | National News |

New Delhi: While the Delhi High Court is hearing petitions on marital rape, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Sunday took to Twitter to speak about it.

He wrote, "Consent is amongst the most underrated concepts in our society. It has to be foregrounded to ensure safety for women." According to Gandhi, 'consent' is not given its due value in physical relationships.

While stressing on criminalising marital rape on Friday, Amicus Curiae argued that when a husband forces himself on his wife, he is not engaging in lovemaking. Curiae said that the Supreme Court has observed that nobody can compel a woman to love. However, Delhi High Court has earlier observed marital rape as a crime of cruelty in India.

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