CM Bommai vows to bring BJP back to power in Karnataka

Source: ANI | Published on 26th September 2022, 12:42 PM | State News |

Mysuru (Karnataka): Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai has vowed to bring back the Bharatiya Janata Party to power in the Assembly polls scheduled next year.

Speaking after distributing various facilities to beneficiaries of the Chamaraja Assembly constituency here on Sunday, Bommai said, "We will turn your criticism into stairs and work 24 hours a day to bring back pro-people government to power".

The Chief Minister called for the last-man delivery of the welfare schemes and said that the schemes "must make people to lead independent and self-reliant lives".

"The programs must not remain mere slogans but must be implemented. In the name of various Bhagyas, they pushed the state to penury. Those who gave the Bhagyas were rejected by the electorate. Someone can cheat some people for some time but they cannot cheat all people all the time. With a bundle of lies and a false campaign, they cannot win people's hearts," he said.

Taking a veiled jibe at the Opposition, Bommai said that the "power-hungry" politicians want to "grab power".

"The power-hungry politicians would always want to grab power but those who wish to win the place in people's hearts don't grab power. Many people, once they are out of power, would act like fish out of water. Anybody can become anything with the support of people but they would not have the blessings of people by going in other routes," he said.

"The chief minister said there are two kinds of characters, Arjuna and Karna. The warrior Arjuna would need to be praised to aim and shoot but Karna would need to be criticised to hit the bull's eye. 'I am like Karna, how much ever you criticise, I will get more strength. I will develop the state and help the party to come back to power. We will make you stand in the place where you standing to paste the poster," he said.

Bommai's remarks followed in the wake of Congress' aggressive PayCM campaign targeted against him. Under the campaign, Congress had started putting up posters on public walls in various parts of Karnataka accusing the Bommai government of indulging in corruption.
Karnataka is headed into elections for its Legislative Assembly early next year.

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