BJP using RSS to create strife in Ramanagar: D K Shivakumar

Source: DHNS | Published on 10th February 2020, 1:19 PM | State News |

Bengaluru: Alleging that BJP was using RSS as a front to win votes in Ramanagar district, Congress leader D K Shivakumar accused the saffron party of creating disturbances in the region.

"There is no medicine for jealousy. They (BJP) won 25 seats (in Lok Sabha elections). One was won by Cong, one by JD(S) and one by independent. Just because we won one seat (Bengaluru Rural), they are creating disturbances," he said. Shivakumar was speaking ahead of the Patha Sanchalana organised by RSS in Ramanagar on Sunday. Ramanagar comes under the Bengaluru Rural LS constituency.

BJP could not approach people on its own, he said, adding that it was using RSS to stoke emotional issues and cause disturbances. "Let them do a Patha Sanchalana, wear a chaddi or pant or panche (dhoti). I have no objection," he said.

On the participation in rallies by Hindu outfits in the region recently, he claimed that Ramanagar police had given him an account of where the vehicles and people came from. He was referring to the rally organised recently at Kanakapura against the installation of Jesus Christ statue at Kapala Betta (Harobele).

"Let people come from Uttar Pradesh, Ramanagar or Anekal. I don't have any objections. If they ask me (for help), I will arrange food for the participants," he said.

On Sunday, RSS leader Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat addressed a meeting following a Patha Sanchalana in Ramanagar. He is attending the second program in as many months after Hindu right-wing groups staged a protest in Kanakapura, the constituency represented by Shivakumar.

The rally in Kanakapura and the Patha Sanchalana in Ramanagar are being interpreted by Congress and JD(S) insiders as a desperate attempt to polarise communities in the region to reap political dividends.  

Haven't set a deadline for statue land: Bhat

Prabhakar Bhat said on Sunday that they hadn't set any deadline to clear Jesus Christ statue works and take back the land granted to Harobele Kapalabetta Abhivruddhi Trust, reports DHNS from Ramanagar.

Recently, during a protest against the proposed statue, at Kanakapura, he had set a deadline of January 25 to take back the land granted for the same.

"We hadn't set a deadline of January 25 for the government, but had spoken of holding a meeting after the date. There are guidelines for the government to seek a report from officials and take back the land. The government is doing its job," he said, responding to a question on the issue.

On Shivakumar's allegation that RSS had set its eyes on a constituency with the lone Congress MP in the state (Bengaluru Rural), he said that they weren't working for the MP seat. "We are working to protect the Hindu community," he said.

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