BJP making mockery of democracy: Cong

Source: PTI | Published on 17th March 2020, 12:24 PM | National News |

New Delhi:  The Congress on Monday accused the BJP of making a "mockery" of democracy and insulting it by its attempts to engineer defections in Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.

Congress spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi said instead of dealing with the pressing issues of unemployment, coronavirus outbreak, productivity and lack of investment, the BJP is busy deciding on which government to topple by "illegal and unfair" means.

"That is the priority number one on their agenda," he said, adding they have made a "mockery of the democracy".

"This country has never seen that naked a dance for power, as far as the BJP's insatiable appetites for hogging political power through dubious illegal means is concerned," he said.

Singhvi said, "They rely on naked horse trading. Please ask yourself the question, why is it suddenly during the Rajya Sabha elections that you hear these reports of Gujarat MLAs...

"Is this the democracy, you can win and lose, but such petty politics and worst inducements, the worst political distortion, the worst blackmail, the worst threats, the worst deprivation of liberty and confinement!"

The Congress leader alleged that "the ruling party is now dispirited" as it is now ruling over only in 30 to 35 per cent territory of the country against its tall claim of ruling 73 to 75 per cent of the territory.

"So, when you can't win by fair means, win by foul, not by hook, but, more by crook. They are not allowing access, so I have given you the example of Gujarat. Why is it, surely this sudden talk of leaving a party... Why did it surface, you saw it last time in the Rajya Sabha elections or not? Did it happen in our country in every Rajya Sabha elections?" he asked.

He said now one has heard of defections in Madhya Pradesh also.

"If you are going to make majorities, which are artificial by confinement, kidnapping, black mail, threat, liberty deprivation etc-etc, then this is the worst form of democracy...," he said.

"When you insult the intelligence of voters by such terrible, low-level tactics, contrary to every known spirit and rule of the Constitution and the law, then I think, you are insulting the world's largest democracy and the people will give a befitting reply," said Singhvi.

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