Bhatkal's Social Media Admin Association forms committee to prevent the spread of fake news

Source: S.O. News Service | By Sajjad Quazi | Published on 24th February 2021, 9:15 PM | Coastal News |

Bhatkal: Bringing various social media admins of Bhatkal, Murdeshwar and Manki on one platform, on Tuesday evening, under the presidency of Mr. Qamar Sada, former President of Bhatkal Muslim Association Jeddah, a meeting was held at his residence in which an committee was formed to contain spread of fake messages against any institution or person, including prevention of false and baseless messages on social media.

The meeting was attended by admins of more than 30 different social media groups in which the special guests were President of Bhatkal Muslim Youth Federation Azizur Rahman Ruknaddin Nadvi, Maulvi SM Syed Zubair Market Nadvi, Maulvi Anjum Gangawali Nadvi and Maulvi Jaffar Faqihbhav Nadvi. They emphasized on proper use of social media and called for curbing false and baseless messages.

Muhammad Salem Shahbandri, who pioneered the formation of the Social Media Admins Association, was elected convener of the committee, while his step-by-step supporter, Abdul Basit Ikkeri, was elected vice convener. To make the committee more active, Maulvi Inamul Haq Malpa Nadvi, Maulvi Tazeem Quazi Nadvi and Hidayat Maddas were selected as assistant conveners. Maulvi Abdul Noor Fakarde Nadvi was given the responsibility of treasurer.

The meeting began with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Maulvi Inamul Haq Malpa Nadvi. Mohammad Salem Shahbandri welcomed the members and gave introductory remarks. 

Abdul Basit Ikkeri while addressing the purpose of the meeting said that currently a WhatsApp admin group consisting of 53 admins of WhatsApp and other social media groups has been formed. Attempts are being made to prevent the transmission of messages with unknown or pseudonyms that impersonate others. Awareness is being created within the social media admins to check the messages in the groups before forwarding them and to not allow false, baseless and derogatory messages to be forwarded to the groups under any circumstances. The members present on the occasion took turns to introduce themselves and pledged their full support to keep the Social Media Admins Association active. Members also shared their useful suggestions for further strengthening the association. 

Mr. Qamar Sada, a social worker and a prominent Saudi based businessman, who has experience of serving the community while holding the posts of Vice President and General Secretary of Bhatkal Muslim Association Jeddah, in his presidential address introduced the members to this association. He emphasized the need to adhere to the rules of procedure and to implement the recommendations of the meeting. He also emphasized on strengthening the community and our institutions through this association. 

The meeting ended with Du'a by Maulvi Azizur Rahman Ruknaddin Nadvi.

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