Unclaimed animals on roads in Bhatkal and the silence of Gawrakshaks

Source: S.O. News Service / Vasanth Devadiga | By Staff Correspondent | Published on 27th October 2016, 12:04 AM | Special Report |

Bhatkal: The stray animals on the streets of Bhatkal are increasing at an alarming rate creating havoc for the public, but there is not a single body which is concerned about controlling them.

On one side there is no one to take care of these animals and on the other side, if anyone tries to take these animals with them, the self-claimed care takers are born from nowhere. The issue of the stray animals has of late become a matter of headache even for the police department.

The hefty unclaimed animals which are left into the town from various places have made the roads, road-sides and other vacant yards their permanent abodes. Every coming day an accident is reported due to the nuisance of these animals. The animals scare away the pedestrians near hotels, bus stands and other places. Moreover, instead of returning to their dwellings, these animals have got into habit of roaming the town and relaxing wherever they want. Getting hold of these unclaimed animals and searching for their owners is a hard task for the municipal and police department. The roadside garbage has become the food for these cattle and stray dogs. The people are raising the questions regarding the self-claimed gawrakshaks as to why these people aren’t coming forward to help the animals when there is utter need of care for them. ‘Are these gawrakshaks raising their voices regarding care-taking of these animals?’ the masses question. But the answer is in negative; the people are of the opinion that the gawrakshaks are mum about the issue which should actually be concerning them, rather they create havoc for unwanted things which can only result in disrupting the peace of the society.

The Bhatkal Municipality on two occasions had tried to tie-up the unclaimed stray animals, but the solution for care taking of the animals couldn’t be worked out. And so it has been more than a year the municipality has also freed itself from being concerned about them.

And now when there is nobody to claim for these animals roaming day and night, it has become a golden chance for the thieves who catch hold of animals and sell them at prices of their choice. The thieves keep a deep vigilance on these stray animals day and night and recently the news are also being received about these animals being trafficked in the darkness of nights. It is also being heard that the few people are trying to locate the owners of these animals and hand over the CCTV footages of animal supply in some areas, but the efforts are being wasted in vain as there is nobody who come forward to claim the animals nor report a complaint to police regarding it.

The SI of town police station Kodgonti has said that if anyone comes to him with the complaint of animal theft, he would not only register a complaint but also investigate into the matter and catch the thieves.

The people are of the opinion that freely wandering animals are creating difficulties for the women and children apart from the general population and the concerned authorities should work towards finding the solution of this problem.

People also say that the groups which create a fuss regarding animals, the self-claimed gawrakshaks and their organizations should come forward and take the needed steps to take care of these animals and provide them a proper abode and other needs. The people are also of the opinion that it is mandatory for the authorities of Bhatkal Municipality to take legal steps to curb the animal menace.

When the BJP leader Govind Naik was asked his opinion regarding the same, he said that all the animals and birds on the planets have the right to live. Some people steal the animals found on the roads with the intension of selling them, which is a crime. The police should take proper measures to keep a check on it and also the owners of these animals should beware of leaving their animals unattended on roads.

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