'Bhatkal family didn't hid any details', Mangalore hospital rubbishes media claims, issues clarification

Source: Vartha Bharathi | By Sajjad Quazi | Published on 16th May 2020, 9:51 PM | Coastal News | State News |

Mangalore: The reports published by some media outlets about the family of a child who was admitted to Tejaswini Hospital in Mangalore with a bone fracture is completely untrue and far from the fact, stated the hospital's managing body and has made it clear that the news published in the media related to it is fake. 

When a family from Bhatkal had been to Tejaswini Hospital in Mangalore for treatment of their child, who was then admitted with bone fracture, few medias had published a report claiming that the family had given false information saying they have come from Kundapur. "With this, there's a risk of Coronavirus spreading in Mangaluru from the infected people of Bhatkal. Hence, the Tejaswini hospital has completely sealed down, and all the hospital staffs have been subjected to quarantine", a newspaper reported.

However, issuing a press release on this issue, the managing director of Tejaswini Hospital, Dr M Shantaram Shetty made it clear that during the admission of the Bhatkal family in the hospital, they had provided their details as per Aadhaar card without any confidentiality.

Some of the media had described the issue with a different narrative. To clarify this issue, a press release was issued by Tejaswini hospital, Mangalore.

According to the press release issued by hospital's executive director Dr M Shantaram Shetty, it said, "This is to clarify that 6-year-old child from Bhatkal was admitted as an emergency in the early morning of 11th May with a displaced fracture of the elbow and absent pulse in the hand. She was posted for emergency surgery at 9:30 am and closed reduction and K wire fixation of the displaced fracture was done the same morning. 

As the child was hailing from a ' COVID-19 Hotspot ' as Bhatkal had 10-12 Corona positive cases, the patient and mother were isolated and the district health officials were duly informed. As the mother was emotional and anxious it appeared that she had upper respiratory symptoms and hence once again the district health officials suggested getting a 'throat swab ' done of both mother and child which was duly done by the health authorities in the evening of 11th May. 

Meanwhile, the child was recovering well and the pulse in her hand returned. Throat swab result was obtained and was reported Negative for COVID, the mother and baby were discharged late evening on 13th May. 

The family at no time had hidden the fact that they were from Bhatkal and in fact, had produced the ' Aadhar card' at the time of admission itself. What is important is that the family came to Mangaluru for a medical emergency without hiding any facts and the needful was done and the child is now doing well", the release said.

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