All Corona positive patients of Bhatkal shifted to KIMS Karwar

Source: S.O. News Service | By Sajjad Quazi | Published on 9th May 2020, 5:50 PM | Coastal News | Don't Miss |

Bhatkal: All the 12 patients of Corona positive that came to light last Friday were brought to Bhatkal Taluka Hospital, and in the evening, all of them were shifted to Karwar KIMS hospital (Karwar Institute of Medical Sciences) in three ambulances.  Similarly, on Saturday, seven patients who were found to be infected with Coronavirus were taken to KIMS in Karwar by two ambulances.

It may be recalled that earlier in the first wave of Coronavirus in the district, nine out of eleven patients of Bhatkal were treated at Patanjali Hospital in Karwar, while one of the other two was treated at Mangaluru and one at Udupi Hospital. But now a special ward of Corona has been set up in KIMS hospital Karwar and now all the patients of fresh cases are being treated there.

It may be recalled that three children, including a five-month-old girl, were among the 12 patients tested positive yesterday, while today seven patients include two female toddlers. It is believed that most of the 20 active cases in the latest phase of Corona are women and all were infected with the links to visit of First Neuro Hospital in Mangaluru, where the report of an 18-year-old girl came positive.

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