‘AIDS infection rate in Udupi is 0.25%’

Source: DHNS | Published on 1st December 2021, 12:34 PM | Coastal News |

Udupi: District AIDS Control Officer Dr Sadanand Sanju said that district health department had decided to recognise the contributors in an attempt to eliminate HIV/AIDS in the district on World AIDS Day.

Speaking to media persons, he said that World AIDS Day programme will be held at Pragati Saudha in Ambalpadi on Wednesday.

According to HIV surveillance in 2018-19, the infection rate in the district is 0.25%. Since 2016 the virus is not transmitted to newborns from infected mothers. The HIV positive pregnant women should get themselves tested regularly. The district has 3,826 HIV infected. Forty-two infected have died between April and October this year, Sanju said.

He said a survey was conducted on sex workers and they would be asked to test themselves against the disease. The counselling and regular tests are done to control the HIV/AIDS.

Sanju said that the infected should be treated with dignity and he or she can lead a normal life with confidence. The ability to fight against the infection is required, he said.

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