Impact of Shiroor toll plaza: Bhatkal-Mangaluru Volvo bus fares soar

Source: S.O. News Service | By Sajjad Quazi | Published on 17th February 2020, 10:32 PM | Coastal News | Don't Miss |

Bhatkal: With the commencement of toll collection at Shiroor toll plaza, the fare of Volvo buses plying from Bhatkal to Mangaluru has increased by 11 rupees, making total of Rs 261 per passenger.

It may be noted that the Government operated air-conditioned KSRTC Volvo bus provides comfortable three-hour journey to Mangaluru from Bhatkal without any fatigue. In view of increased fares, the regular passengers who travel Bhatkal to Mangaluru quite often, were seen expressing their unhappiness over the new fares. According to them, the normal KSRTC bus also takes three-hour duration to reach Mangaluru from Bhatkal, which charges Rs 155. But the increased fare of Volvo is now quite expensive. They also said that the cost of private buses running from Bhatkal to Mangaluru is only 140 rupees, but has a number of stops.

Few people also say that many private buses which ply from Mumbai to Mangaluru, take passengers from Bhatkal in the early morning hours i.e 5 AM, 6 AM with the fare of just 200 rupees, with the journey duration of only 2:30 hours. However, Volvo buses are good for patients and senior citizens, as the bus has comfortable seats for passengers. Also, the Volvo bus is especially good for those who are going to or coming from the Mangaluru airport as it has special cabin storage for luggage.

It may be recalled, when the Bhatkal-Mangaluru Volvo bus service was first launched, the journey fare was Rs 225. But to attract passengers, the ticket price was reduced to Rs 200. But in 2018, as soon as passengers started rushing by preferring Volvo buses instead of normal buses, the fare was increased to Rs 250. At that time, the call was also given from a various organizations over the sudden increase in ticket prices and a memorandum was presented to the government to reduce the price, which did not yield the desired result.

Now with the inauguration of toll plaza in Shiroor, the price of the Volvo bus ticket has increased once again, which has irked the regular passengers. Efforts are being made to persuade KSRTC not to increase the fare.

Social media platforms are abuzz, with many posters preferring to boycott Volvo buses and travel on other normal buses so that Government and KSRTC would concentrate on reducing the journey fare.

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