Stephen Hawking, world's smartest scientist who supported boycott against Israel, dies aged 76

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Stephen Hawking, the award winning scientist who was often called 'the modern world's smartest man' passed away at his home in Cambridge, England on 14th March, 2018, The Guardian reported. 

Dr. Stephen William Hawking hailed from England and was one of the most respected personalities of the modern era. He was a theoretical physicist and the Director of Research at the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology in the Cambridge University, London. He became famous for his ground-breaking research on black holes, relativity and gravitation and authored many books, research papers and articles on science. During his lifetime, he won over 18 prestigious awards for his work.

Dr. Hawking suffered from a full body paralysis due to a disease called the motor neurone disease (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). When he was diagnosed with this ailment at the age of 21, doctors had given him a life expectancy of two years. Dr. Hawking lived on for 76  years and became a highly inspirational figure for the whole world.

Dr. Stephen Hawking was also known for his humour and wit which he used effectively in his lectures. Due to his paralysis, he was unable to speak normally and was always on a wheel-chair. He had a specially designed computer which read out what he wanted to speak in a robotic voice. Despite his paralysis, Dr. Hawking continued his work and never let his paralysis affect his determination. 

Unlike many world-famous scientists, Dr. Stephen Hawking has often made statements on political issues. The most famous of such moments was when he boycotted a high profile Israeli Presidential Conference in 2013 to protest against the Israeli oppression against Palestinians. This move won him admiration from Palestinians, peace activists and other people around the world.  Through a video, Dr. Hawking also encouraged his millions of followers to raise funds to establish a Palestinian Advanced Physics School in 2017.

He is survived by three children, students and millions of admirers who are mourning the loss of the greatest scientist of modern times. 

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