UN team to visit KSA to discuss Yemen

Source: Arabnews | By Muhaimin Sada | Published on 17th August 2016, 7:00 PM | Gulf News |

Jeddah: A UN delegation is expected to visit Saudi Arabia by the year-end to get more information on the military operations in Yemen, said the Saudi envoy to the UN. 
The Kingdom has provided the UN all necessary information about the military operations in the neighboring country, Abdullah Al-Mouallimi, permanent representative of the Kingdom in the UN said.
“The Arab alliance is taking precautions to prevent civilians, particularly children, from being targeted,” he added. 
Al-Mouallimi said that the Houthis are using children in war and that most of its soldiers are children.
Abdul Malik Al-Mikhlafi, Yemen’s foreign minister and head of the Yemeni government delegation in Kuwait talks, has accused the UN in the past of addressing the Houthi rebels as officials, which is against the UN resolution 2216.
He said that instead of trying to pave the way for implementation of the resolution, which candidly condemns activities of Houthis in general and its violations of children's rights in Yemen in particular, the UN is now condemning the Arab alliance.
He said that the Houthis have violated childhood in Yemen in more than a way. It not only recruited them as soldiers, it has also killed them in Saada and Sanaa. “Unfortunately, the UN did not condemn the Houthis and their activities clearly in its latest report, although it has condemned it in the past. Instead, it has added the name of the Arab alliance to the list.”
He said the UN is not communicating in all regions of Yemen, including its temporary capital Eden. “It is also not communicating with civil and government organizations in Taiz. It is just depending on Houthi activists and revolutionaries in the capital Sana,” he added.


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