Twitter war breaks out between Siddaramaiah and BJP over political turmoil in Karnataka

Source: PTI | Published on 16th January 2019, 11:34 PM | State News |

BENGALURU: The political turmoil in Karnataka in the wake of two MLAs withdrawing support to the coalition government of Congress and JD(S) led to a Twitter war between Congress strongman Siddaramaiah and the BJP.

Siddaramaiah launched a scathing attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, asking him whether his slogan 'Saaf Niyat' (Clean intention) meant a coup and grabbing power.

The former chief minister was active on Twitter from the morning, attacking the BJP as it became clear to theCongress leadership that independent MLA H Nagesh fromMulabagal and the lone MLA of rookie Karnataka PrajnyavantaJanata Paksha R Shankar from Rane Bennur constituency Tuesday would withdraw support to the coalition government and align with BJP.

"Mr. Saaf Niyat @narendramodi, Is allowing your disgraceful @BJP4Karnataka leaders to destabilise govt a 'Saaf Niyat' towards democracy? Your PR slogans don't hide your actual 'Niyat' & your 'Sahi Vikas' should go beyond developing Resorts. First, show your Niyat to people!!" Siddaramaiah tweeted.

Taunting BJP leaders for huddling their MLAs in a resort as they had done in the past, Siddaramaiah said the BJP always hadGandha Niyat (bad intention) and 'Resort Vikas' (promoting resort politics).

He also took a dig at 'Operation Lotus', the alleged attempt to destabilise the government.

"@BJP4India has a legacy of 'Gandha Niyat, Resort Vikas'. Their 'Operation Kamala' is not new & they will indulge whenever they feel politically threatened. Recent miserableloss in 5 states is the result of their ongoing attempt inKarnataka which will fail #GandhaNiyatResortVikas," he said.

In a Kannada tweet, Siddaramaiah mocked the Prime Minister, asking him whether guarding the BJP MLAs in a resort was his role as Chowkidar (watchman).

"Dear watchman prime minister Narendra Modi, you had called yourself as the watchman of the nation. You have now become a watchman to guard the MLAs of Karnataka in a hotel."

Hitting back, BJP tweeted, "You seem to have completely lost it after you were booted out in#KarnatakaElections.

Remember how your party locked up yourown MLA's in resorts just few months back, Who was then threatened? Certainly not BJP. Your greed to have control over Congress is today backfiring."

To Siddaramaiah's 'Saaf Niyat' jibe, the BJP tweeted, "Disgraceful is when you form government even after been rejected by people of Karnataka. Lack of Niyat & Vikas in your unholy alliance is a result of crippled govt. Stop blaming BJP& Modi to hide your failure to save your existence. Your greedhas crippled @hd_kumaraswamy's govt"

Venting her outburst, BJP MP from Udupi Chikkamagaluru, Shobha Karandlaje tweeted, "Does the man who masterminded Operation Hasta have any credibility to comment on PM??!! The same man got 8 MLA's defected with unethical ways, and now Speaking about Gandha Niyat??!!! It's known to all how 'Gandha' is the Niyat of @siddaramaiah, who practices opportunism."

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