Kundapur: One more bike torched in Gangolli, culprit arrested within hours

Source: S.O. News Service | By Arfa Kazia | Published on 14th January 2018, 9:34 PM | Coastal News |

Kundapur: Another bike torching incident occurred here at Gangolli on 13th January, Saturday. However, the police were fruitful in arresting the accused within hours of the incident.

The arrested accused has been identified as Gururaj Kharvi, a resident of Daka Hithlu in Gangolli.

According to the sources, the two wheeler was parked in front of the house of a Gangolli resident Nayeem on Saturday. At around 1 am, the bike was set on fire and a local saw Gururaj running after torching the bike. The people of locality were on alert as there have been two bike torching incidents in the last week.

The local informed the police immediately and In-Charge sub inspector of police Subbanna paid a visit to Gururaj’s home, where he tried to escape after seeing the police. However, the police overpowered him and took him into custody.

It has been learnt that Gururaj has confessed to the crime. However it is still unknown if he had any hand in previous torching incidents.

District Superintendent of Police Laxman Nimbargi and other higher police officials visited the spot.

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