Launches Mobile App for Easier Access to One-Stop Weight Management Platform

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Theweightmonitor (TWM), Delhi-based startup and India’s first fully online weight management portal announces the launch of its mobile app, thereby making it easy for the customers to avail one-stop weight management platform. The user friendly mobile app is now available on all Android and iOS smartphones and provides users services of a Personal Nutritionist and highly tailored weight loss solutions.


Theweightmonitor mobile app brings customised diet plans and weight loss programs for customers, designed by their dedicated Personal Nutritionist which eliminates the need for multiple visits to a Nutritionist’s clinic. The app enables customers to engage with their Personal Nutritionist on a daily basis during the course of their weight-loss program which simplifies the process of sustainable weight management.

The key feature of the app is the food diary and the unique scoring mechanism which allows users to score their daily weight loss performance. It’s a simple and effective way to stay motivated, and track progress which eventually helps users to gain a deeper understanding of the foods they should consume or avoid. The app is effectively designed to work with Fitbit activity trackers to get the step count on iOS (connects with Apple Health App as well) and Android smartphones.

The app also features multiple features that account for weight loss including Unlimited Online Support, Unlimited Phone Support, Real Time Food Diary Scores along with Daily Food Diary Reviews and Score Analysis, Exercise Tracker, Weigh-ins, E – Learning, Health Calculators and Progress Reports. Users can also upload their medical report which helps their Personal Nutritionist prepare a personalised diet plan for them to best achieve their weight and fitness goals.

“Theweightmonitor app will enable customers to streamline their weight loss process in order to get the right nutrition advice at their fingertips. With the guidance and support of a Personal Nutritionist, along with our scoring system, customers will be able to lose weight in a scientific and healthy manner,” says Karan Vir Khosla, Co-Founder and CEO, Theweightmonitor (TWM).

The app can be downloaded from the following links:

iPhone app:

Android app:

About Theweightmonitor

Established in the year 2012, Theweightmonitor (“TWM”) is India’s first, fully online weight management portal which was launched to provide services of a Personal Nutritionist and highly tailored weight loss solutions. TWM was founded by Ms. Ishi Khosla, one of India’s top clinical Personal Nutritionists; and is led by Karan Vir Khosla. TWM serves clients in over 175 cities, worldwide.

Theweightmonitor offers mobile app and comprehensive web based weight loss program which provides a customer access to dedicated Personal Nutritionist along with daily performance scoring to help lose weight, stay fit and live a healthier lifestyle. During the entire duration of the program, the customer engages with their Personal Nutritionist on a daily basis via effective mechanisms, including Phone calls, Skype Meetings, In-App Chats, Daily Food Diary & Score Reviews by the Personal Nutritionist, Weekly Weigh-ins (Weight check-ins) and Medical Report Analysis, among others.

Theweightmonitor app simplifies the process of sustainable weight management and breaks it down to a scoring mechanism easily understood by the general audience. It moves away from the traditionally accepted ‘one size fits all’ calorie counter.

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