Saudi Arabia stresses need to spread culture of peace globally

Source: Arabnews | Published on 9th September 2017, 12:59 PM | Gulf News |

JEDDAH: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia stresses the importance of spreading a culture of peace internationally and regionally, as well as the importance of strengthening mechanisms of dialogue among cultures and religions around the world.

In his speech delivered yesterday before a high-level forum on the culture of peace at the UN, the Kingdom’s acting charge d’affaires at the UN, Khaled Manzlawi, stressed that spreading a culture of peace locally among youths and children is done through awareness programs to combat extremism.

Enhancing a concept of peace internationally is achieved by supporting relations of mutual respect and settlement of various conflicts with peaceful means, as well as enhancing dialogue and solidarity among various civilizations, peoples and cultures, Manzlawi added.

“The Arab, Islamic and American Summit, hosted by Riyadh in presence of the US President Donald Trump, is a clear message to uphold the values of peace, tolerance and coexistence, to reject the logic of conflict and to call for partnerships among civilizations.

In the final communique, the summit highlighted cooperation among the US and the Arab and Islamic world to confront extremism and terrorism, and the establishment of the “Etidal” Center to fight extremism in Riyadh. This was an affirmation of the Kingdom’s message and its position in leading the Islamic world to defend its issues and rights, to bring peace to the region and the world, and to reject terrorism and extremism, which is not recognized by any religion or mind.

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