Revered Bhatkali scholar and a prominent face of the Tableegi Jamaat, Moulana Gazali passes away

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Moulana Gazali Khateebi Nadwi, one of the most revered scholars of Bhatkal and a prominent face of the international Islamic movement Tableegi Jamaat passed away just before the prayers of Fajr on the 23rd day of Ramadan, June 8, 2018 in Bhatkal.

Aged 74, he was known as one of the most senior scholars of Bhatkal and was revered as one of the last disciples of the legendary scholar and author Moulana Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi. According to sources, he had spent his last night in deep prayers till 3:00 AM and had even eaten the Sehri, (the early morning meal before the fast starts). He passed away after the Azan of Fajr had been called, a few minutes before the prayer congregation (Jamaat) was about to start.

Moulana Gazali was born in 1944 to the then Chief Qazi of Bhatkal, Moulana Abu Bakr Khateebi, a leading scholar of his era. As a young boy, he studied at Anjuman Hami e Muslimeen’s Islamia Anglo Urdu High School where he completed his 10th. Later, he enrolled at Jamia Islamia Bhatkal where he studied the course of Islamic Jurisprudence (Aalimiyath) for four years. As Jamia was recently established and higher classes were not yet constituted, he travelled to Lucknow and enrolled at Nadwatul Ulama to complete his studies in Islamic jurisprudence. After completing his graduation in 1967, for a brief period, he taught at Jamia Islamia before joining the Tableegi Movement and settling in Delhi, the place of the movement’s headquarters Markaz Nizamuddin.

Known for his down-to-earth attitude and soft-spoken nature, Moulana Gazali was a famous figure among Bhatkalis and the Tableegi movement across the country. He was known as a man who always preferred anonymity and never hogged for the limelight. Despite serving the Tableegi Movement for 45 years, he never tried to carve a name for himself and always worked selflessly, travelling across several countries to preach about Islam and translating the sermons of Arabic and English preachers in Urdu. He remained apolitical for his whole life and dedicated himself towards the movement of Tableeg.

Moulana Gazali was also known to be the disciple of many legendary scholars, including Late Dr. Ali Malpa (founder and lifelong president of Jamia Islamia Bhatkal), Moulana Inamul Hasan Kandhewli and most prominently, Moulana Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi himself, who had even nominated him for the post of Jamia’s principal in 1979 which he had politely declined, citing his Tableegi work for which he had to travel frequently.

Moulana had returned to Bhatkal before Ramadan and was suffering from a swelling in his legs, which is said to be the reason behind his demise. The news of his death sent a wave of shock and sadness across the whole town of Bhatkal as hundreds of people rushed to his house near masjid Suhaib Rumi at Purvarga.

He is survived by his wife and 9 children, 8 of whom are Huffaz (who have memorized the holy Quran). It may be noted that his father, the former Chief Qazi Moulana Abubakr Khateebi (also known as Awpa Khalfo) had also passed away in the month of Ramadan in 1974.

Moulana Gazali’s last rites were held at Jamia Masjid in the downtown area of Bhatkal after the Asr (late afternoon) prayers today on June 8, 2018. His son lead the prayers after which he was laid to rest at the old graveyard at Kazia street.

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