Resort politics to prevent BJP’s attempt to destabilise govt, says Khader

Source: DHNS | Published on 20th January 2019, 9:07 PM | Coastal News | State News |

Mangaluru: Minister for Urban Development U T Khader defended resort politics and said that it is necessary to prevent BJP from destabilising his coalition government.

Speaking to media persons in Mangaluru on Saturday, he said: “To invite Congress MLAs who had joined hands with the BJP, the Congress Legislature Party meeting was convened. After listening to the woes of the disgruntled MLAs, we had to shift all MLAs to the resort. As an antidote to Operation Kamala, the Congress had to opt for resort politics".

Khader said MLA Nagendra had furnished reasons for not attending CLP meeting. Jadhav too has sent a letter. The party leaders will decide on other MLAs who remained absent to the meeting, he said.

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